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Since 1995, more than 1500 students have taken the Companhia da Escalada courses. Almost this same number of Brazilian and international climbers have been guided by the Companhia in mountains throughout Rio and Brazil. The Companhia da Escalada is currently the largest and oldest climbing school active in Rio de Janeiro.

Flavio and Cintia have continued to give classes and the Company has grown. The school currently has seven more instructors. Each instructor was selected for his professionalism and teaching facility and patience. All of the course content and instruction are closely supervised by Flavio and Cintia Daflon.

Flavio and Cintia Daflon created the Guide to Better and Safer Climbing (Escale Melhor e com Mais Segurança), which is based on the manuals used in the Companhia da Escalada climbing courses.

Guide service

We will take you to climb the beautiful and impressive Cariocas mountains.

Ascend Sugarloaf, Corcovado or Pedra da Gávea with us. There are routes for all levels of climbers—even those who have never climbed before.

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We provide all of the equipment. Join us and count on the company of knowledgeable and certified guides.

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