Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar) is one of the most famous attractions in Brazil, and there are many different ways to climb this incredible mountain– some of which are easy, and others are not. It is not possible to hike to the top. However, even inexperienced or beginning climbers can reach the top by the easiest route (Costão) with our guides and the appropriate equipment. If this is your case, please read Sugarloaf for beginners below. If you are an experienced climber and need a guide or instructor, please read Sugarloaf for experienced climbers below. There are routes of different levels, more than 40, like Coringa and Via dos Italianos.

Sugarloaf for beginners

Costão is the easiest route on Sugarloaf and one of the most incredible hikes/climbs in the city. Climbing Costão does not require previous mountaineering experience, but the long uphill foot ascent and climbing segment does demand a high amount of energy.

The ascent includes trail hiking, some easy rock climbs, with a small vertical pitch of 20 meters, where the required safety equipment will be used: ropes, harnesses, helmets and carabiners. Don’t worry, our guides know this trail like the back of the their hand and will help you along this adventure!

The entire activity, including ascent and descent, lasts for about four hours, depending on the size of the group. The Mountaineering Federation recommends a group size of no more than seven individuals. There is also no problem with climbing alone – you pick the day and we provide the guide. Climbing is possible year-round, but the trail is in the shade in the afternoon, which is not as hot. The heat can be intense in the morning when this face is exposed to full sun.

After reaching the summit and having a well-deserved rest break, the descent includes a short cable car ride (free) and some hiking. A breath-taking tour, with views that only adventurers of this path will see! See our pictures! This will definitely be an unforgettable adventure! You’ll find out why climbing in Rio is so amazing!

You schedule your climb with Companhia da Escalada whenever you want! Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

You can bring a friend or put together your own group, which we give discounts for.

Our Instructors and Climbing Guides (see CVs and photos) are highly experienced professionals that will ensure your safety so that you can enjoy the ascent worry-free.

Pleas, contact us for any questions or doubts.

Sugarloaf for experienced climbers 

Sugarloaf is a fantastic mountain–it is tall and made of good quality granite. Many of its routes are among the most classic routes of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, like the Italianos Route (5.10/6a+), Coringa (5.9/5+) and Secundo (5.11a/6c).

If you are comfortable climbing 5.10 (6a), we suggest you climb the Italianos Route, listed as one of the 50 classic routes in Brazil. With pitch after pitch of amazing climbing in a spectacular location, this is one of the most beautiful routes in the city. The first two pitches are impressive due to the verticality, good rock and aesthetic moves. It’s a constant 5.10 (6a+) for 80 meters. These pitches involve face climbing. After the crux pitches, there are two possible link-ups to the climb: Straight up to the summit by a via ferrata or traversing left for 50 meters to join the last three pitches of the Secundo route. The latter takes longer. The Italian route-Secundo link up is 260 meters long, but it is more beautiful. Here you can see a video of the Italian Route-Secundo link-up and here are some photos. It takes about six hours to hike to the base, climb, enjoy the summit and return (partially by free cable car , partially on a forest trail).

One should not underestimate the grading of the Italianos route. Rio de Janeiro has a high grading. Those who are not used to smearing on granite could have difficulties, and it is better to be prepared to climb a 5.10 (6a). If in doubt, you can choose an easier route, of which there are plenty of options. If you would like an easier way to reach the top of the Sugarloaf, we suggest the Coringa (5.9/5+). Coringa is the best 5.9 (5+) on Sugarloaf, which makes the route extremely popular. It is 100 meters long, with three pitches, one of them almost vertical. The route is well-protected with many rest spots. It’s located in an amazing area between vertical walls, the forest and the sea (photos here). You’ll find out why climbing in Rio is so amazing!

After you climb Coringa, it is possible to hike and climb (5.8/4) to the top of Sugar Loaf by the normal route, which overlooks Praia Vermelha and Copacabana. The combination of hiking, climbing and descending requires four to five hours. As with the Italianos route, you should not underestimate the grading of Coringa. Those not accustomed to smearing on granite may have difficulties. For Coringa, we suggest that you be comfortably climbing 5.9 (5) on rock. The maximum Guide:Participant ratio is 1:2. Please, contact us for a different route.

Come with us and you’ll be in the hands of experienced and highly knowledgeable climbing guides! All are known for their friendly and professional style. Don’t worry about equipment. If there is something that you do not have or cannot take with you, no problem! Just let us know and we can loan it to you. Please, contact us for any questions or doubts.