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Coringa is the best 5.9 (5+) on Sugarloaf, which makes the route extremely popular. It is 100 meters long, with three pitches, one of them almost vertical. 

The route is well-protected with many rest spots. It’s located in an amazing area between vertical walls, the forest and the sea. You’ll find out why climbing in Rio is so amazing!

After you climb Coringa, it is possible to hike and climb (5.8/4) to the top of Sugar Loaf by the normal route, which overlooks Praia Vermelha and Copacabana. The combination of hiking, climbing and descending requires four to five hours. As with the Italianos route, you should not underestimate the grading of Coringa. Those not accustomed to smearing on granite may have difficulties. For Coringa, we suggest that you be comfortably climbing 5.9 (5) on rock. The maximum Guide:Participant ratio is 1:2. Please, contact us for a different route.