Climbing God's Finger

Climbing God’s Finger (Dedo de Deus) is a great adventure, from the hike to the climb. This activity is for experienced climbers in excellent physical condition. It starts after leaving Rio very early in the morning and heading in the direction of the Serra dos Orgãos National Park, Teresópolis. The first part of this adventure is a long, steep but beautiful forest trail, about one hour long. After that, there is some ferrata (steel cable) that we climb with harnesses on, sometimes over wet rocks, for more than 150 meters, and then some scrambling.

The east base of Dedo de Deus is only reached after two and a half hours of hiking and climbing. Your backpack should have only necessary equipment so that it is not too heavy during the climb, but be sure not to forget a windstopper jacket, fleece, headlamp, water and food, all of which are fundamental in a climb of this intensity.

The east face route is almost 200 meters long and includes some chimneys, dihedrals, and friction – it will test all of your techniques. The climber should be able to comfortably climb 5.8 (5a). The most impressive pitch is the Maria Cebola Dihedral, from which you can see the cars on the road hundreds of meters below! The east face is listed as one of the 50 classic routes in Brazil.

After so many difficulties you deserve to be 1675 meters above sea level, at the summit of this amazing mountain!

Climbing God's Finger

However, that’s not the end! The summit is just half of the trip – there is still a long descent with overhanging rappelling and more via ferratas. The descent does not follow the same path of the ascent. Instead, we follow the 1912 route.

It’ll be a long but wonderful day! You will only return to Rio at nighttime, but the satisfaction and experience of climbing such a grand mountain are worth it. The climbing season in Teresópolis is from May to September (winter in South America), when the chance of lighting storms is the lowest. Depending on your experience, we can suggest one or more “warm-up” climbs before heading to Dedo de Deus. We select routes with similar situations to what you will find in the Teresópolis mountains. In this way, you will go there more prepared and be more likely to reach the top and truly enjoy the experience.

Our Instructors and Climbing Guides are highly experienced professionals, including Flavio Daflon, author of the rock climbing guidebook 50 classic routes in Brazil. They will ensure your safety so that you can enjoy the ascent worry-free.

Don’t worry about equipment. If there is something that you do not have or cannot take with you, no problem! Just let us know and we can loan it to you. If you prefer, you can bring only your climbing shoes. Please, contact us for any questions or doubts.